Communities Getting United At Poker Championship

Allan Gooding Play Nation Poker’s owner organized an event Hold’em League in which poker players of new and old generation was invited.

The objective of the event was to support veterans of Canada.

Ronaldo Wins At Poker

Poker games become more entertaining when there are famous stars involved in the game.

That was the instance when there was a game played between Cristiano Ronaldo and Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul. The game was for an amount of £15,000 that was donated finally to a children’s charity program. It was a celebratory event organized by PokerStars. In this tournament the star footballer was successful in beating the American actor. The prize was secured by the Real Madrid star and he donated the amount to Save the Children program.


Sunday Majors: Smile on the faces of Noah Vaillan Fabian Quoss

It is another week of action that is full of poker, another Sunday Million, and another couple of PokerStars players winning six-figure scores.

"DEdgge" of Israel won the biggest amount earlier this week thanks a great finishing in its first spot in Sunday Million. That result, this week, was worth a huge US$ 176828.54 that is quite the return on a US$ 215 investment.

Online poker fate to be decided soon in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee is awaited to vote on a bill which would decriminalize online poker scene in the state. It has been suggested that the vote will take place later today or later on Wednesday, as per John Pappas, the Poker Player Alliance Executive Director.

John Payne, the Republican State Representative, who is also the Chairman of the Gaming Oversight Committee, brought in HB 649 in early 2015 and has been working hard to

Olivier Busquet: A Focused Poker Player

Olivier Busquet is basically from New York, United State. He has started playing professionally from 2007 his growth was done very nicely.

He was at top level in 2014. In 2015 he is at lowest level his graph is gone decreased. He has not even ranked in poker player of the year of 2015. He is at his critical stage of the career and he has won $6,114,891 career winning in his total career. 4 career title was won by him and he has won 74 career cashes. He is somewhat aggressive player of poker.

Poker Game Through The Eyes Of Phillippe Dana

As the fanciful moderator of the well known TV program of children Ça Cartoon for a considerable length of time, Philippe Dana of France has been a standout amongst the most famous person on Canal Plus which is a top cable television channel.

Dana has also hosted the 12 or13 programs on Radio France, as well as he has also written a book titled as ‘Les invités de la fête’ which means ‘The Party's Guests’ that spotlights on his long enterprise in TV news-casting. He is additionally a poker aficionado who has never kept his profound passion for this game as secret.


Alex Jocob Could Not Maintain Its Position, Won Only $149,802

Alex Jocob is the name in the Jeopardy history; he is a winning and accomplished player. But, now in ongoing tournament, he fell in his seventh appearance. He could ride only for sixth day play. Jocob is a player who was the Champion of the 2006 United States Poker and he at present could receive winning price worth $149,802. At present, he works in Chicago as a currency trader.


Cascarino Nikhil Persaud buoys on online poker tournaments for his winnings

The advent of poker online though facing resistance in certain jurisdictions in the world today is a shot in the arms of tenacious players. Online tournaments have enabled players to climb up the ladder of eminence, increase their bankroll amounts and horn their skills with versatility.

Barbara Laux : A most beautiful poker player

Barbara Laux is the most beautiful poker player. She is very honest and trustworthy player of poker.

Roland de Wolfe a professional player of poker game

He is a player who won $1,152,623 cashes in the world series of poker tournament.

He is a player who has played in the world poker tournaments in which he has won bracelets as well final tables in many game. He is a player who has played for all the series of poker tournament. He is a player who has managed to win large cashes on his account. He is a player who has played for European poker tournament as well for the word poker tournament. He is a player who has played the game the word international poker games.