Vitaly Lunkin was one of the poker stars to have been eliminated from the EPT Snowfest. A large crowd of players and players like Manuel Bevand, Liv Boeree, Dominik Nitsche, Martin Rettenmaier, Josh Prager, Kevin Stani, Vitaly Lunkin, Martin Jacobson, Maxime Conte Anton Wigg or Christophe Monin have already said goodbye to title of this Austrian competition. Indeed, there were only 81 survivors at the end of the day and battle was very eventful on gaming tables The pressure was strong enough during the last hours of play because every competitor played poker with their best assets to try to attempt to take back home the € 390,000 for the eventual winner, or at least qualify for the some 72 places paid.

For the representatives of France, Dominique Franchi, Cynthia Foresti who gathered 137,000 chips in hand, Bruno Martin, Yoran Kerignard and Sebastien Bidinger get the access ticket for the third day. In the top spot for the following of this poker tournament, the Belgian Philip Meulyzer has a large stack of 623,000 chips, he was able to leverage his advantage as player holding the second biggest stack at the start of the day. The Italian Giacono Maisto follows him at the second position with 572,500 chips in hand. A member of the team 770 Koen Vissher and many other big competitors as Luca Pagano, Michael Tureniec, Alex Kravchenko are also in good position to fight for the title of the tournament. Note that the game will resume on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m and the 9-first eliminated players will not be part of paid players.