Andrews wants to improve

Today when female poker players are coming out a big way at the WSOP 2012, Cherish Andrews should not be underrated. Andrews is trying hard to improve her performance and she is successful to a great extent. In spite of being 22 years old, Cherish is a great poker player and also she has great experience in playing poker to the WSOP. She started with playing poker when she was in her hometown in Pennsylvania. At that time she was only 14 years old.

It was sometimes back that she said to a private news channel that her brothers played many tournaments and as soon as she got a job, she told them that she will be playing poker. Then her brothers told that they will take all her money. Andrews first tournament changed her life as it was the first step in her journey of playing poker. Andrews started learning poker by watching tournaments in TV and then started playing on regular basis. Then she found online poker the most convenient ways to earn more and more of money. After playing small stakes for a few years, she started increasing the ante and she decided to play big tournaments and that also every Sunday.

When she was asked what made her feel like playing poker she smartly said “money”. Apart from money, it is of great fun to play poker. She said that she has met with many good and excellent people in poker. After achieving success online, she decided to haunt the cash games at several casinos in New York and gradually she gained success.