Coming just in the correct time of his career, Vitaly Lunkin had received a bracelet in the year 2008 that seriously marked his career in a very special way.

Vitaly Lunkin very happily and with a lot of pride was able to lift up the Russian Flag after he topped a field of 2706 participants and thereby picking up $628,417 as his prize money.

However the story of this amazing poker star does not end here at all. Little did he know that just down the line he would receive on more bracelets in yet other prestigious tournaments in the history of poker.

Vitaly Lunkin was easily the dark horse of the tournament when he lifted up the title of the $40,000 anniversary event. The prize seemed much more loved and respectable as he had a lot of pros around him then. However he remained humble as he always was. Despite of sitting and sharing the final table with pro’s like Scotty Nguyen, Dani Stern, Justin Bonomo and Ivan Demidov he still kept calm and followed his instincts and played very strategically. His tricky play made him come up to the top and win $1,891,012.

Vitaly Lunkin started heads up by playing down 2-1 and taking the big push in the river. This was when he forced Haxton to lay down his hands. Vitaly Lunkin continued his magic by playing pocket aces and then got Haxton to commit his stack with K-10 as king high flop. Again with the show of aces, Lunkin continued to show his tactics and slowly he took the game ahead.

Vitaly Lunkin had a hot streak that included the win of the Russian Poker Tournament. Vitaly Lunkin has earned over $3 million in the past two years.