Extensive Money Maker

Vitaly Lunkin is known in the Poker world as the most dominant moneymaker poker player who his reserved his place in the list of 30 winners of the huge segment of money. He has finished his runner up in World Series of Poker of 2009 with Ivan Demodov. He has also cemented his place in the Russian remarks of the best pokering nations in the world.

Vitaly Lunkin is still in providing various staunch prop -up to his followers. He is getting start to form the strategies for the variants such as Backgammon & Renju in which he is introduced with the poker by the motivation of his friends and never turned his face back. Subsequent to dominating in the competitions on his own soil Vitaly Lunkig grabbed his acts on the way of 2006 World Series of Poker. After cashing in the WSOP Main Event for the $15K, Vitaly Lunkin has captured his 1st bracelet in $1500 No Limit Hold’em Main Event for $630K.

In early phase of 2009, Vitaly Lunkin walked upon the respected platform his career as a professional poker player on which he has won the second World Series of Poker Main Event by taking down $40K as the fortieth annual No Limit Hold’em for the staggering on $1.8 million. With endowing this winning, he escalated his career in the direction of live platform of poker earnings on which he grabbed the grand amount of $3 million. He was also achieved the 3rd place on Russian All Time Money List.

He is currently residing in the Moscow where he is playing as the professional poker trainer & coach. In the history of poke world, Vitaly Lunkin is always remembered for his breathtaking winnings and extraordinary mode of quick thinking on the final tables of WSOP & WPT.