Why the Richest Business Leaders Obsess Over High-Stakes Poker

Here we will discuss why some richest business leaders love to play high stakes poker. Rich people usually like to test their luck against big challenges. Spending big amount of money does not matter for rich and smartest mind. They are even afraid of losing money. When we are talking about $1 million amount, it makes a lot of difference to common man. For Paul Newey, the amount is similar to regular expenses nothing much.

Paul Newey has participated in biggest poker events at Las Vegas and Macau. He put down $1 million to participate in the poker tournament during last summer at WSOP. He has founded a big Company Ocean Finance whose total cost is more than £220 million. According to his statement, $1 million does not affect him in either way. But it is really great to play against the best. This is the reason why he is so much excited to participate in poker events or tournaments. He just wanted to prove himself in front of others.

He is running a successful business from couple of years. Now he is interested to try something new and best. He is playing poker from three years. There is no doubt that he needs more experience to compete against the best players. According to his opinion, playing against best ones is the quickest way of gaining experience. He will practice more to prove himself but money he has invested in well spent.

Similarly, we can check the history of other business leaders who has proved themselves in the poker industry. Leading businessmen are ready to spent money but they want to compete against best ones only. When you are playing poker game your luck and skills matters a lot. If you have sufficient money then why don’t try with best ones.