Standardized poker rules by Marcel Luske

Few years back, standardized poker rules were established by FIDPA which seems to be internationally accepted. Equality rules may keep a check over disputes around the world. Now it seems that idea may be implemented soon. As we know, Marcel Luske is popular as global poker player in the gambling industry. He has decided to solve the issue with his established set of standardized rules. Unnecessary friction may be created by different rules in different countries. This is the reason why it is necessary to implement FIDPA rules.

The Idea of FIDPA is as simple as powerful that inspires to implement an established set of rules. It was introduced in 1880 with list of total 81 rules that can be downloaded free from the website. It does not matter you are playing in which part of the world, rules of gambling will be same all around. Now it is necessary for any poker player to learn the FIDPA rules when he is going to participate in poker tournaments. According to Marcel Luske, life can be made easier with standardized set of poker rules. Now Floor men and dealers can play in any part of the world without any insecurity and training.

It is still a challenge either FIDPA rules will be accepted by players all around or not. FIDPA rules is not a concern of money, it is a matter of respect, principle and common sense. The problem is that tournament directors and organizers don’t agree at the same rules and they don’t want to support each other. In this situation, FIDPA rules may act as catalyst between two parties. There is no doubt that poker industry will gain benefit from standardized set of rules but acceptance of the rules is not an easy concept. We have to work harder to implement FIDPA rules in poker industry.