Decision Making Power

Suppose a player is playing poker game and it may be a bad day for him/her; there are many factors which can come make a bad day even more worst. Some of the factors such as, getting frustrated, lamenting on the losses, getting angry, losing temper, getting irritated and many more. On such situations and day one must be much careful and try to control all his/her bad emotions to avoid further more losses in the game. Such emotions will tend a player to lose his/her concentration from the game, even get disturbed and aggressive in nature.

Bad concentration will lead a player towards wrong decision making, and so it will affect the player’s good and correct decision making power. On certain situations, it is better for a player to take some break and join the play after sometime later on. The break will give freshness to the player and at the same time can plan the playing techniques to turn or make his/her game play into a winning route. It is better to avoid playing further if the day or time is not good for the player. The player should not make the bad day worse by losing more and more cash.

Suppose if a player has won some amount of money and then later on he/she starts loosing the amount then in such situations it is better the left the game by taking the winning amount. Instead of thinking or planning about more winning, the player should leave the game without dreaming about his/her bankroll increment. When game is not in hand of players and things go on wrong continuously, it is better for the particular player to take proper decision of leaving the game, instead of affecting the situation and making the bad time period even more harsh and worse by playing round of games on and on.