Poker Legends

Do you know the best poker players of all times who have made the crowd wowed and bluffed? Today, there are more poker players who can excel in the game. But still, the name of the legendary players remains the same as the greatest players of all times.
Stu Ungar
Stu Ungar is a famous poker player who is the son of a bar owner. The way in which he played the game amazed the crowd and ofcourse the opponent. It was told that he has a super natural instinct to read the game. He had a supreme record in World’s biggest poker tournament and he is the only player who has won WSOP and SuperBowl of Poker three times each.

Chip Reese
It is the destiny that brings Chip Reese into the poker game. He was planned to study law from Stanford University and on his way to the University he was dropped in Las Vegas for the weekend. During that time, he started playing poker and made his $400 bankroll $60000 in a stud tournament. This made him say goodbye Law and Hello poker.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey is considered to be a poker legend- a testimony for the huge wealth and countless honours he had achieved in his lifetime. He is one among the few poker players who win the poker game played both live and online. In 2001, he won seven bracelets in Italy and become the youngest player to reach that number.

Johnny Moss
He is well known for his part in making the World Series of Poker such a biggest extravaganza. Moss was born in 1907 and in school days itself he was gambler who dodged bullets and lawmen. He continued playing poker game till his death at an age of 88.

Doyle Brunson
Brunson was known as the Godfather of Poker. He was basketball player in the younger days and an accident in the leg made him stop from athletics. However, this made him start playing poker and he became a successful poker player.