Sylvain Loosli makes Game difficult for Opponent

He is a professional poker player who is playing game of poker since 2006. He is a player who has good track records in the game of poker. He is a player who has played at World Series of poker, European tournament as well world poker tournament. He is a player who has 24th place finish for 2,350 Euros.

He is a player has good records in online poker game he has secured top 100 position in poker game. He is one of youngest player and also game changer who has won millions in poker tournaments and also loses millions in poker tournaments. He does not have any record in World poker tour.

He plays online games in his free time he is good online player and has won casino in many games. He played many online poker tournaments and he has lost many of the games. Despite of losing lots of money in poker tournaments he is among successful player of poker. He is quiet and very aggressive player of poker. He launched a free poker channel on TV in 2009. He is very regular player of poker. His style of playing is very simple. He does not use any special techniques while playing poker game. His dressing style is also very simple. He is very quiet and aggressive player of poker.

He plays poker tournament with confidence. He thinks that live poker tournaments are very boring and need too much time as well as patience. He played many online poker games and he is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. He become very famous from 2011 because his extraordinary performance in World Series of poker. He not played World poker tour tournaments, so he does not have any record in World Poker tour events.