Barbara Laux : A most beautiful poker player

Barbara Laux is the most beautiful poker player. She is very honest and trustworthy player of poker.

She is very young player of poker. She has played more matches and gives outstanding performance in every match. She is bestowed in her game. Poker is barber’spassion. She is basically from United Statesher home town in Pittsburgh. She has played very type of matches. No Limit and ladies No-Limit game type she had played. She had played in various series of poker. And she is one of the topplayers of poker. She has won total $119,368 winning in her total career. She has won 14 cashes in her career.

Her worst match of career she played on 26thJune 2005. It was 36th annual series of poker in which is placed at 32nd rank and she won $3,910.She played very badly in this match. She didn’t play strategically in this match. After she loose this match at this stage. She improved her game and again played at her own and gets her position which she loose because of this match. She had won total $22,190 in World Series of poker. She also played in world poker tour also. Shewon $24,020 in world poker tour. She didn’t play European poker tour.

One of the best prizes she won in world poker tour which is of 24,020. Which was played from 23rdJanto 27thJan 2005.Which was 6th jack minion world poker open the game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em championship. Buy-in for this series was $10,000.Prize pool for this series was $4,858,273.512 entrants was there in this series. She was placed at 25th rank in this series. Which was the biggest event of her life and she got placed at very nice rank in her initial stage of her career.