Alex Jocob Could Not Maintain Its Position, Won Only $149,802

Alex Jocob is the name in the Jeopardy history; he is a winning and accomplished player. But, now in ongoing tournament, he fell in his seventh appearance. He could ride only for sixth day play. Jocob is a player who was the Champion of the 2006 United States Poker and he at present could receive winning price worth $149,802. At present, he works in Chicago as a currency trader.

Alex Jocob did well to win $2,000 in seventh appearance for runner-up finish; due to which, he could manage gain official winnings worth $151,809. That’s why, Alex Jocob could manage to save its name in the list of the top 15 all time Jeopardy! Winners. However, he is much far away from the Ken Jennings who is at the top of the list, and he has earned winnings which are above the $2.5 million. At seventh appearance, Jocob could manage $26,400 in final Jeopardy! Round, while the Todd Lovell and Monica Lott’s could hold $18,400 and $9,600 respectively.

The final answer that he could not respond correctly and lost $10,401 wager was “This social media company launched in October 2010, and in 2012, with about a dozen employees and no revenues, it sold for $1 billion.” The correct reply of it was “What is Istagram?”

For this answer, the Lott could not respond correctly and she had to lost $5,000 wager. The response of the Lovell was the accurate and he secured $8,001, now the Lovell’s total became $26,401. Now Jacob has to respond correctly to win but he could not do so because he answered “What is Twitter.” Consequently he lost $10,401 wager. Thus the impressive game of the Jocob came to its last point. With his game, he impressed a number of people; however, there were some who got enraged.