Casinos In New Jersey Win $3.5M In Two Weeks

The sports – betting market in New Jersey kicked off finally in mid – June followed by two weeks of intense collection of the New Jersey casinos having collected more than $3.5M.

This number was specified in a report by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. According to them, the casinos won the money by betting on many athletic events in June, the bets worth around $16.5M.

The Monmouth Racetrack Park in Oceanport is tipped to be one of the first to commence sports betting and they earned around $2.27M from the betting activity, the numbers backed by state data. Following this, Borgata launched the sports betting activity and earned around $986000. Ocean Resort, which had just commenced during the end of June already, amassed $192671 in three days.

Out of the $16M, around $1M was reserved for the ‘future events’. According to the regulators in the New Jersey Casinos, the wagers on the event that occur after the current month are defined as ‘future events’. The report on the Sports betting was the first of its kind in the history of the New Jersey Poker Market. However, the regulators of the casinos underscored the nature of the reports. They called the Sports Wagering Gross Revenue as being ‘volatile’ when considered on a monthly basis. Further, they also commented that the payments for the Super Bowl events can happen many months after the original wager was created. And lastly, they also reported that the un-redeemed winning wagers would be deductible when redeemed in the upcoming months.

Although the sports betting industry fluctuates every month and is volatile, it is unlikely that the books will have a month of loss. The casinos in Nevada have never reported in a loss in around five years.

Bach Earns Second 2017 WSOP Gold Bracelet

David Bach is over the moon after taking part in 2017 $10,000 H.O.R.S.E Championship.

The main reason for his happiness is that was able to defeat the likes of Daniel Negreanu and defending champion Jason Mercier in 2017 $10,000 H.O.R.S.E Championship to win the title. By virtue of this stupendous win, he was also able to win the second 2017 WSOP bracelet. This will surely give him double pleasure.

The win by David Bach is a big one as he was able to get the better of many greats of the poker game, including former bracelet winners in Andrew Brown and Eric Rodawig apart from defeating the defending champion Jason and WSOP Player of the Year contender Daniel. There is no way one can explain the joy and happiness in the eyes of Bach.

The 45-year-old Georgian man has so far earned a total of $3.95 million in his poker career and this is a good achievement. He was able to defeat a strong field of 150 entries to win the $383,208 first place prize money. Bach has three gold bracelets in his career and winning two bracelets in a year is a very good effort from his part.

David Bach is in the form of his life at the moment. He entered this 2017 $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship at the WSOP event on the back of a $1,500 Dealer’s Choice event where he earned $119,399 as prize money. He entered the final table quite early.

He was moving up the pay ladder smoothly when he found himself short stacked. He was happy to have earned a few timely doubles on the final table and this helped him to steamroll his way to the top of the table and wins the event. Bach is happy that he was able to beat the top players in the tournament to win his second bracelet of the summer.

Parimutuel Event Bets Allowed In Nevada

There is going to be a major change that will be seen in Nevada’s casinos and gambling rules.

It is going to benefit the sports book in Nevada to a great extent. The Nevada Gaming Commission has unanimously approved a set of new rules that was framed. The meeting to approve the rules was held on June 22, 2017. As the new rules have been approved, it has come into force from July 1st. This is great news for everyone involved in gambling in Nevada.

The Nevada gaming regulators earlier did not allow the casinos in Nevada State to accept the pari-mutuel bets for nontraditional events. This was in force for the professional sports drafts and e-sports. Now, that the betting is allowed, the sports book and the bettors will be able to win good cash. There are as many as 190 sports books in the Nevada region.

The new pari-mutuel bet for Nevada is defined as follows, “Any system whereby wagers […] are placed in a wagering pool […], and in which the participants are wagering with each other.” This is a very good development for the sports book and the bettors at large in the Nevada State region.

They were allowed to bet on popular events like the World Series of Poker main event final table as a non-parimutuel bet. But, from now, with the new law passed, the sports book can bet as a parimutuel bet.

Without the allowance of pari-mutuel bet options, the sports book of Nevada had gained just $223,617,000 from the gamblers and they were seeing a huge decline of about 7.5 percent year-over-year. This will all change now after the new regulations have come into effect. A piece of the legislation successfully passed the last session to give the regulators in Nevada the chance to approve the new set of rules.

Best Poker Performer Of Russia

Russia is known for housing around 8.4 percent of the player base of PokerStars and is the leading market in terms of poker growth in recent times.

Poker has become popular in the nation and is one of the largest hotbeds for games like chess. Although there are several players in the nation like Vyacheslav Zhukov and Andrey Zaichenko, but Vitaly Lunkin is one player who can never go unnoticed. He is known for his best performances as he has achieved bracelets for World Series of Poker.

Vitaly Lunkin, the renowned Russian poker player started playing in the World Series of poker in 2006 and finished 829th in the grand event. The poker player feels comfortable regardless of whether it is short or deep stacks. As per him, the luckiest player achieves victory when it comes to playing with short stacks. His main goal is to achieve the push-fold stage using a bigger stack. With these game strategies, he has become one of the poker champions in Russia today. He has been working as a poker trainer as well as coach in Moscow and only wishes that poker becomes a legal game in Russia sooner or later.

Although Russia has been considered as a gray market as far as online poker games is concerned, but the government is now on the lookout to rake in tax revenues.

There are many people such as Vitaly Lunkin and other renowned players involved in the game and hence it needs to be legalized. As per the World Chess Federation member Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, there is no need for this game to be illegal or hidden. He has already prepared his proposals with regards to online poker legalization in Russia and presented it to the government of Russia. He is working hard with the government to ensure that online poker becomes a great support in Russia.

PokerStars To Move Out From Aussie Market

PokerStars might be withdrawing from the Australian market.

The losses could be offset by looking at the Indian market instead. That is what Amaya management believes such as Rafi Ashkenazi says who CEO of Amaya is currently. India is a new market that presents opportunities which will help offset the losses that would come by as the Australian market is being closed to them.

There are new laws coming in, which might make PokerStars illegal to operate in the country. As the company wants to keep its operations clean, it has decided to pull out of the Australian market in light of a new legislation that has been passed. The new law that is being introduced will make the country a black market for online gambling ventures to operate. PokerStars have always maintained a clean reputation across the world. It has always obtained licenses to operate in different countries. Hence, if the new legislation that comes into operation in Australia makes it a black market for online gambling, then the company has to withdraw its operations from here.

Amaya will not be able to procure a license for PokerStars. That is because the country has never legalized online poker, unlike other forms of online games like sports betting. The Ministry of Services has taken this stance to be tough on online wagering activities. There are several offshore activities that take place among wagering providers. The bill that has been introduced to prevent offshore wagering will turn any online gambling venue into an illegal operation. Hence, companies like Amaya need to plan to move out of this scene and seek more favorable pastures. For a company like PokerStars it becomes difficult to operate in such a scenario. The company is now planning on ways to offset the likely losses they will suffer.

Communities Getting United At Poker Championship

Allan Gooding Play Nation Poker’s owner organized an event Hold’em League in which poker players of new and old generation was invited.

The objective of the event was to support veterans of Canada.

Texas Hold’em League annual provincial championship held at the Canmore Legion on Saturday. Many players participated in the championship and Neil Skaluba, of Olds, beat 120 best players from Alberta. Among 120 players, 30 were from the Bow Valley. Skaluba won the event and as a reward he got a trip to the World Series of Poker that will take place in Las Vegas. The prize of championship also covered the travel expenses of 1,000 Dollars buy-in.

Discussing about the event Gooding said “Lots of veterans fall through financially. They have needs, but the federal government is not meeting them. The step of the legions is for those veterans who are in need of support. Thus we have taken this initiative and all our games in Legions to support veterans.”

Legions from all the provinces, from Banff to Wainwright played a four-month season. In the game all the players compete to get to play in provincial games.
A player who will win the provincial game will receive World Series of Poker buy-in, airfare along with three nights lodging in Las Vegas. Moreover, if the player wins the final round they could win the prize of up to $500,000.

Last year’s winner of provincial tournament was Edward Don from Canmore; he said “Participating and competing in World Series of Poker is truly a great experience. In addition to winning the chance of big prizes players also learn new skills.” Don is participating in this event and has made to end of first day series. He said “Players should not think about money with this event, it’s an event for cause.”

Ronaldo Wins At Poker

Poker games become more entertaining when there are famous stars involved in the game.

That was the instance when there was a game played between Cristiano Ronaldo and Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul. The game was for an amount of £15,000 that was donated finally to a children’s charity program. It was a celebratory event organized by PokerStars. In this tournament the star footballer was successful in beating the American actor. The prize was secured by the Real Madrid star and he donated the amount to Save the Children program.

It definitely attracted a lot of attention as many logged on to watch the tournament live or they visited the blogs where the game was showcased. Many were impressed by how Ronaldo showed off his aces off the soccer field as well.

Indeed, Ronaldo has been on a roll since the triumph he had at the Euro Cup for Portugal. His golden streak continues as he won this game as well, which was staged as a celebrity duel. It is part of a series that has been created by PokerStars. Aaron Paul has gained celebrity status since his role as a drug dealer in the drama series termed Breaking Bad where he was known as Jesse Pinkman. When the game initially began the atmosphere was tense. However, Ronaldo played well under pressure and he scored by having a pair of jacks which was part of his winning hand. He stated that moments of pressure and competition were moments that he has learnt to live for and enjoy. It is definitely a feel good factor to have won, but that was also because he had better cards than Aaron. However the atmosphere later became jovial as the game was for a charitable cause. With the commentators by their side, it was definitely a game worth enjoying.

Sunday Majors: Smile on the faces of Noah Vaillan Fabian Quoss

It is another week of action that is full of poker, another Sunday Million, and another couple of PokerStars players winning six-figure scores.

“DEdgge” of Israel won the biggest amount earlier this week thanks a great finishing in its first spot in Sunday Million. That result, this week, was worth a huge US$ 176828.54 that is quite the return on a US$ 215 investment.

“DEdgge” beat “dexter2266” of Ukraine who fell in the 2nd spot for a telling US$ 131714.90. Before “DEdgge” walked off as the weekend’s top winner, his compatriot Asi “Raistj” Moshe was very busy hacking the Sunday Kickoff 3 ways. Moshe saved US$ 22029.86 for the victory, with “RuPrettygirl” gathering US$22267.28 and “pokerturo” securing US$ 21118.86 for 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

This Sunday, the handsomest winner at the Full Tilt was “jokai22,” who outlived a pack of hundred-eighty-five in Sunday Major to ensure a US$ 9052.05 payday. Also serving themselves to a goodish score was “AAjoeyAA,” who ended on top in Sunday Brawl, snatching US$ 5590.61, including US$ 2465.61 in bounty payments. Two other top events, the Turbo Multi-Hundo and the T-Rex, were won by Rodrigo “selouan1991” Selouan for US$ 2376.21 and “Mrluckypants” for US$ 1920.

One of this weeks top Sunday event at 888poker was US$ 100000 Baby Whale, a US$ 320 buy-in tournament that saw 462 poker players enter. In early Monday morning, the Czech Republic’s Jan “hownorez” Nakladal was the very last player standing, an end worth a cool US$ 26334.

Online poker fate to be decided soon in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee is awaited to vote on a bill which would decriminalize online poker scene in the state. It has been suggested that the vote will take place later today or later on Wednesday, as per John Pappas, the Poker Player Alliance Executive Director.

John Payne, the Republican State Representative, who is also the Chairman of the Gaming Oversight Committee, brought in HB 649 in early 2015 and has been working hard to
legalize online gaming in the state
as a means to bridge a spread in the state budget and also protect consumers from unscrupulous offshore operators.

Mr John also thinks that online poker might stop money from Pennsylvania people funding ISIS. Many hearings to talk about online gaming in the state have been recently called off without any explanation. The fact that John is awaited to bring his bill up for a committee vote appears to suggest that he thinks that it has got a lot of support to pass.

A friendly consequence would move the bill to House floor for a vote. If it goes through a full House vote, it might go on to Senate where a friendly vote would give the bill to Governor Tom Wolf to turn it into a law.

Meanwhile, the state is now in the middle of a budget crisis which might offer great news for online poker players. For around 5 months, legislators have been unable to present the governor with an acceptable budget proposal. And while the stalemate continues, online gaming has been bandied about as a possible component of a compromise.

Olivier Busquet: A Focused Poker Player

Olivier Busquet is basically from New York, United State. He has started playing professionally from 2007 his growth was done very nicely.

He was at top level in 2014. In 2015 he is at lowest level his graph is gone decreased. He has not even ranked in poker player of the year of 2015. He is at his critical stage of the career and he has won $6,114,891 career winning in his total career. 4 career title was won by him and he has won 74 career cashes. He is somewhat aggressive player of poker.

He has played in every series. In World Series of poker he has won $765,879 career winnings and career cashes were 21, he has went through 2 final tables. He has not won any bracelet in this series. In world poker tour $1,004,438 winnings in this series, and total cashes he won were 4. He has gone through 1 final table and he won 1 championship in his career. In European poker tour and 8 careers cashes and went to 1 final table. He has not won any championship of this series. He has not placed in poker of the year.

He has recently played on 28th march 2015. In this game he was placed at 119 game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em which was played in European Poker tour. Total buy-in was $6026. Prize pool was $4,740,898 total entries in this series were 895. He has won total $10,140 in this series. He has placed his top cash on 20th Aug 2014 and winning was $1,191,096. He was placed at 1st rank in this series and total points were 714. The game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em Eight Max. Prize pool was $4,912,428 for this series and 77 entries were there in this series.