Communities Getting United At Poker Championship

Allan Gooding Play Nation Poker’s owner organized an event Hold’em League in which poker players of new and old generation was invited.

The objective of the event was to support veterans of Canada.

Texas Hold’em League annual provincial championship held at the Canmore Legion on Saturday. Many players participated in the championship and Neil Skaluba, of Olds, beat 120 best players from Alberta. Among 120 players, 30 were from the Bow Valley. Skaluba won the event and as a reward he got a trip to the World Series of Poker that will take place in Las Vegas. The prize of championship also covered the travel expenses of 1,000 Dollars buy-in.

Discussing about the event Gooding said “Lots of veterans fall through financially. They have needs, but the federal government is not meeting them. The step of the legions is for those veterans who are in need of support. Thus we have taken this initiative and all our games in Legions to support veterans.”

Legions from all the provinces, from Banff to Wainwright played a four-month season. In the game all the players compete to get to play in provincial games.
A player who will win the provincial game will receive World Series of Poker buy-in, airfare along with three nights lodging in Las Vegas. Moreover, if the player wins the final round they could win the prize of up to $500,000.

Last year’s winner of provincial tournament was Edward Don from Canmore; he said “Participating and competing in World Series of Poker is truly a great experience. In addition to winning the chance of big prizes players also learn new skills.” Don is participating in this event and has made to end of first day series. He said “Players should not think about money with this event, it’s an event for cause.”