The increasing number of Poker Academies

There's the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, and now the World Poker Tour Academy. The organization behind the broadcast WPT sensation recently revealed poker's most recent leap forward: a thorough Web based training focus. Poker hence has developed more into a sport than just a household game of the past.

Consistent with authorities, the WPT Academy is designed to give a constraining, intuitive taking in instrument for both poker devotees and amateurs apparently equivalent.


Scotty Nguyen

Professional players turn winning Poker game much easily, among those professional players Scotty Nguyen is much known Vietnamese who is a World Series of Poker for 5 times was born in October 28, 1962. Being much familiar, Scotty is the only player who has won the main event as well as $50, 000 Player’s Championship as well as the familiar WSOP main event.

At the top of zenith:


Rank Group purchases Gala Casinos

Back in May 2012, it was reported that Gala Coral Group had consented to offer its club to Rank Group Plc for £205 million. The deal might have made Rank Group the biggest gambling joint driver in the United Kingdom with 58 working venues and 13 non-working licences.


Poker Host Held Accountable

For the past few days, a bunch of infuriated virtual poker players have been complaining about the cancellation of their accounts given their sizeable wins.

The site in question is PokerHost, a leading poker site under Merge Gaming.

As per the sources, a series of virtual poker forums have been flooded with alleged reports from several PH players. It seems that the Merge site isn’t applying a ban all its winning players but specific individuals only.


Poker World Stand On

At the room of poker, each player must have skill of bluffing. Only bluffing is not a tool to be used by players at poker room to win the poker game. Many other important aspects rely upon winning a poker table. A player should understand each odd. Each player must have ability and skill to understand their opponent’s move and tendency to read and know what their hands are holding upon, and should even able to make instant decision on each situation.


Poker Legends

Do you know the best poker players of all times who have made the crowd wowed and bluffed? Today, there are more poker players who can excel in the game. But still, the name of the legendary players remains the same as the greatest players of all times.
Stu Ungar


Decision Making Power

Suppose a player is playing poker game and it may be a bad day for him/her; there are many factors which can come make a bad day even more worst. Some of the factors such as, getting frustrated, lamenting on the losses, getting angry, losing temper, getting irritated and many more. On such situations and day one must be much careful and try to control all his/her bad emotions to avoid further more losses in the game. Such emotions will tend a player to lose his/her concentration from the game, even get disturbed and aggressive in nature.


Standardized poker rules by Marcel Luske

Few years back, standardized poker rules were established by FIDPA which seems to be internationally accepted. Equality rules may keep a check over disputes around the world. Now it seems that idea may be implemented soon. As we know, Marcel Luske is popular as global poker player in the gambling industry. He has decided to solve the issue with his established set of standardized rules. Unnecessary friction may be created by different rules in different countries. This is the reason why it is necessary to implement FIDPA rules.


Why the Richest Business Leaders Obsess Over High-Stakes Poker

Here we will discuss why some richest business leaders love to play high stakes poker. Rich people usually like to test their luck against big challenges. Spending big amount of money does not matter for rich and smartest mind. They are even afraid of losing money. When we are talking about $1 million amount, it makes a lot of difference to common man. For Paul Newey, the amount is similar to regular expenses nothing much.


Victory Knocks The Door

Vitaly Lunkin is a citizen of Russia and has become a wonderful player who is always challenging for the top poker awards. Vitally started his gaming in 2004 and he first appeared on the texas holdem tables at the WSOP world tournament in 2006.

After that he start playing no limit Hold’em event and progressed through to 2008, when he won the final event and got the bracelet and the cash jackpot. In that single tournament he earned $629,417 and he became a great player in poker game.