Extensive Money Maker

Vitaly Lunkin is known in the Poker world as the most dominant moneymaker poker player who his reserved his place in the list of 30 winners of the huge segment of money. He has finished his runner up in World Series of Poker of 2009 with Ivan Demodov. He has also cemented his place in the Russian remarks of the best pokering nations in the world.


When Vitaly Lunkin Bluffs

Vitaly Lunkin bets big without reservation because he has nothing to lose when winning his games. He does not bluff always and would always see through new great poker players who bluff always. He is far from guessing because he plays great poker as a professional. A lot of great poker players who plays like Vitaly Lunkin would always win their games.


Who is Vitaly Lunkin

Vitaly Lunkin is a professional poker who has won many tournaments. He has so far won 2 series of the world championships placing him among top players in the game. He was born in Moscow, Russia. He participated in 2006 and scooped the 829th position in the game.

This was the main event, which gave him a liking for the game, and he now enjoys playing poker. His career began at an early age and he is now professionally holding a great position in poker. In 2008, he won a bracelet and this made him a world figure.



Coming just in the correct time of his career, Vitaly Lunkin had received a bracelet in the year 2008 that seriously marked his career in a very special way.

Vitaly Lunkin very happily and with a lot of pride was able to lift up the Russian Flag after he topped a field of 2706 participants and thereby picking up $628,417 as his prize money.

However the story of this amazing poker star does not end here at all. Little did he know that just down the line he would receive on more bracelets in yet other prestigious tournaments in the history of poker.

Andrews wants to improve

Today when female poker players are coming out a big way at the WSOP 2012, Cherish Andrews should not be underrated. Andrews is trying hard to improve her performance and she is successful to a great extent. In spite of being 22 years old, Cherish is a great poker player and also she has great experience in playing poker to the WSOP. She started with playing poker when she was in her hometown in Pennsylvania. At that time she was only 14 years old.


The second day of the $100,000 Super High Roller at WPT (World Poker Tour) World Championship 2012 was finished on Thursday and the final table (telecasted) has been determined. Ending on top of final 6 poker players was Perper along with 3.415 million chips.



Vitaly Lunkin was one of the poker stars to have been eliminated from the EPT Snowfest. A large crowd of players and players like Manuel Bevand, Liv Boeree, Dominik Nitsche, Martin Rettenmaier, Josh Prager, Kevin Stani, Vitaly Lunkin, Martin Jacobson, Maxime Conte Anton Wigg or Christophe Monin have already said goodbye to title of this Austrian competition.



Vitaly Lunkin is one of the poker stars to be considered for the player of the year honours.All palms should be granted a big discussion between the different actors of the jury, including the estate of Vitaly Lunkin as player of the year, but two categories seem almost decided in advance. The player of the year should indeed be Liv Boeree .



Isaac Haxton finished second only to Vitaly Lunkin in 2009. Haxton, who bypassed a computer science degree at Brown University to pursue poker, made his presence known to the world at the 2007 World Poker Tour PokerStars.com Caribbean Adventure where he finished second to Ryan Daut for $861,789. He then found success online before finishing second to Vitaly Lunkin in Event #2 of the 2009 40th Annual World Series of Poker, the $40,000 No-Limit Hold’em for $1.168 million. While a prestigious title has eluded Haxton twice, he is largely regarded as one of the best young guns in the game.



Vitaly Lunkin was among the few players to not go through to the next round in the WSOPE event#2. Amongst the 49 players still remaining in the PLO Event #2 were likes of Barry Greenstein, Roberto Romanello, Vitaly Lunkin, Hoyt Corkins and many more known names. However, none of them managed to secure their seats for Day 3.