Olivier Busquet: A Focused Poker Player

Olivier Busquet is basically from New York, United State. He has started playing professionally from 2007 his growth was done very nicely.

He was at top level in 2014. In 2015 he is at lowest level his graph is gone decreased. He has not even ranked in poker player of the year of 2015. He is at his critical stage of the career and he has won $6,114,891 career winning in his total career. 4 career title was won by him and he has won 74 career cashes. He is somewhat aggressive player of poker.

He has played in every series. In World Series of poker he has won $765,879 career winnings and career cashes were 21, he has went through 2 final tables. He has not won any bracelet in this series. In world poker tour $1,004,438 winnings in this series, and total cashes he won were 4. He has gone through 1 final table and he won 1 championship in his career. In European poker tour and 8 careers cashes and went to 1 final table. He has not won any championship of this series. He has not placed in poker of the year.

He has recently played on 28th march 2015. In this game he was placed at 119 game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em which was played in European Poker tour. Total buy-in was $6026. Prize pool was $4,740,898 total entries in this series were 895. He has won total $10,140 in this series. He has placed his top cash on 20th Aug 2014 and winning was $1,191,096. He was placed at 1st rank in this series and total points were 714. The game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em Eight Max. Prize pool was $4,912,428 for this series and 77 entries were there in this series.

Poker Game Through The Eyes Of Phillippe Dana

As the fanciful moderator of the well known TV program of children Ça Cartoon for a considerable length of time, Philippe Dana of France has been a standout amongst the most famous person on Canal Plus which is a top cable television channel.

Dana has also hosted the 12 or13 programs on Radio France, as well as he has also written a book titled as ‘Les invités de la fête’ which means ‘The Party’s Guests’ that spotlights on his long enterprise in TV news-casting. He is additionally a poker aficionado who has never kept his profound passion for this game as secret.

PokerNews France’s Julien Tissot as of late got a chance to meet with Dana to talk about his different poker undertakings, and to examine why he decided to incorporate this amusement in his first scholarly work.

When he was asked about his liking of the poker game, he said that He adores the social side of this game, and He also likes to engage in this kind of recreation with his companions after a supper. According to him, poker game is frequently a chance to snicker, to talk, and to have a great time together. He also discloses that they for the most part play little cutoff points, and now and then it can come about that later than a session, they go away with rewards for as small as €7.

He also said that he enjoys poker on TV too, and He also believes that running off the World Poker Tour’s commentary to Patrick Bruel was an awesome idea. He also said few words about his strength and weaknesses. He told that he thinks that He is great at understanding others – and this got to be conceivable on the grounds that he has taken the time he expected to handle the recounts my adversaries.

Alex Jocob Could Not Maintain Its Position, Won Only $149,802

Alex Jocob is the name in the Jeopardy history; he is a winning and accomplished player. But, now in ongoing tournament, he fell in his seventh appearance. He could ride only for sixth day play. Jocob is a player who was the Champion of the 2006 United States Poker and he at present could receive winning price worth $149,802. At present, he works in Chicago as a currency trader.

Alex Jocob did well to win $2,000 in seventh appearance for runner-up finish; due to which, he could manage gain official winnings worth $151,809. That’s why, Alex Jocob could manage to save its name in the list of the top 15 all time Jeopardy! Winners. However, he is much far away from the Ken Jennings who is at the top of the list, and he has earned winnings which are above the $2.5 million. At seventh appearance, Jocob could manage $26,400 in final Jeopardy! Round, while the Todd Lovell and Monica Lott’s could hold $18,400 and $9,600 respectively.

The final answer that he could not respond correctly and lost $10,401 wager was “This social media company launched in October 2010, and in 2012, with about a dozen employees and no revenues, it sold for $1 billion.” The correct reply of it was “What is Istagram?”

For this answer, the Lott could not respond correctly and she had to lost $5,000 wager. The response of the Lovell was the accurate and he secured $8,001, now the Lovell’s total became $26,401. Now Jacob has to respond correctly to win but he could not do so because he answered “What is Twitter.” Consequently he lost $10,401 wager. Thus the impressive game of the Jocob came to its last point. With his game, he impressed a number of people; however, there were some who got enraged.

Cascarino Nikhil Persaud buoys on online poker tournaments for his winnings

The advent of poker online though facing resistance in certain jurisdictions in the world today is a shot in the arms of tenacious players. Online tournaments have enabled players to climb up the ladder of eminence, increase their bankroll amounts and horn their skills with versatility.

His participation is robustly felt in the Ladbrokes Poker while he plays online under the screen name “reraiseallin”. Persaud has appeared in numerous television events, including the Late Night Poker. This has seen him become a major participant in the poker industry to advance the game even further. His skills online have seen him get sponsorship from the Black Belt Poker as a Brown Belt. Nevertheless, he has not been as vibrant in live events albeit his few events boast enviable performance.

His most commendable feat online came across his career path in 2006 winning his heat as well as the semi final in the European Open III, Maidstone prior to emerging 5th in the final to wring out $25,000. Sail through to the final table; he incredibly ousted renowned pros like Ian Frazer alongside Thomas Bihl. In 2009, he cashed in the WSOP Main Event placing 549th to get $23,196 while making the money in 2005. His recent winning was at the 2010 London Grosvenor World Heads-Up Poker Championship where he ousted strong figures like Victoria Coren, Toby Lewis and Leon Louis. Online he has won various events at the Black Belt Poker, William Hill Poker and the PokerStars.com where he has siphoned off plethora cash in earnings.

Based in London, Persaud is among the English whiz poker players who have left a mark at the global levels. His resume is an admirable piece though it lacks a wide array of covered events but he has made above $400,000 in live tournaments.

Barbara Laux : A most beautiful poker player

Barbara Laux is the most beautiful poker player. She is very honest and trustworthy player of poker.

She is very young player of poker. She has played more matches and gives outstanding performance in every match. She is bestowed in her game. Poker is barber’spassion. She is basically from United Statesher home town in Pittsburgh. She has played very type of matches. No Limit and ladies No-Limit game type she had played. She had played in various series of poker. And she is one of the topplayers of poker. She has won total $119,368 winning in her total career. She has won 14 cashes in her career.

Her worst match of career she played on 26thJune 2005. It was 36th annual series of poker in which is placed at 32nd rank and she won $3,910.She played very badly in this match. She didn’t play strategically in this match. After she loose this match at this stage. She improved her game and again played at her own and gets her position which she loose because of this match. She had won total $22,190 in World Series of poker. She also played in world poker tour also. Shewon $24,020 in world poker tour. She didn’t play European poker tour.

One of the best prizes she won in world poker tour which is of 24,020. Which was played from 23rdJanto 27thJan 2005.Which was 6th jack minion world poker open the game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em championship. Buy-in for this series was $10,000.Prize pool for this series was $4,858,273.512 entrants was there in this series. She was placed at 25th rank in this series. Which was the biggest event of her life and she got placed at very nice rank in her initial stage of her career.

Roland de Wolfe a professional player of poker game

He is a player who won $1,152,623 cashes in the world series of poker tournament.

He is a player who has played in the world poker tournaments in which he has won bracelets as well final tables in many game. He is a player who has played for all the series of poker tournament. He is a player who has managed to win large cashes on his account. He is a player who has played for European poker tournament as well for the word poker tournament. He is a player who has played the game the word international poker games.

He is a player who has large cashes on his account he has cash of amount $5,058,526 on his account. He is a player who has played at the international poker tournament. He has 6 bracelet in the world series of poker tournament. He even has 54casino on his account in the game of World Series of poker tournament. He is a player who has made many final table wins in many matches of poker game. He is a player who has played at the world poker tournament he has scored $1,743,073 cashes n the word series of poker tournament. He is a player who has also played at the world championship.

He is a player who has many targets and wins in many matches. He is a player who has played the game for poker for wining many games. He has played this game for championship and winning. He is a player who has tried hard or many poker games at the domestic poker tournaments. He is a payer who has 5 cashes in European poker tournament and 1 cashes in world poker tournament and 1 final tables and play many games in the poker tournaments.

Sylvain Loosli makes Game difficult for Opponent

He is a professional poker player who is playing game of poker since 2006. He is a player who has good track records in the game of poker. He is a player who has played at World Series of poker, European tournament as well world poker tournament. He is a player who has 24th place finish for 2,350 Euros.

He is a player has good records in online poker game he has secured top 100 position in poker game. He is one of youngest player and also game changer who has won millions in poker tournaments and also loses millions in poker tournaments. He does not have any record in World poker tour.

He plays online games in his free time he is good online player and has won casino in many games. He played many online poker tournaments and he has lost many of the games. Despite of losing lots of money in poker tournaments he is among successful player of poker. He is quiet and very aggressive player of poker. He launched a free poker channel on TV in 2009. He is very regular player of poker. His style of playing is very simple. He does not use any special techniques while playing poker game. His dressing style is also very simple. He is very quiet and aggressive player of poker.

He plays poker tournament with confidence. He thinks that live poker tournaments are very boring and need too much time as well as patience. He played many online poker games and he is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. He become very famous from 2011 because his extraordinary performance in World Series of poker. He not played World poker tour tournaments, so he does not have any record in World Poker tour events.

T J Cloutier-Poker possesses 6 bracelets

When you think of playing poker, you can consider the professionals path, whereby such a professional is TJ Cloutier who is knowable for his handling style of cards. Such a professional is really perfect in handling those cards. He has won number of bracelets.
T J Cloutier is a player from America, particularly from Texas. The player is such a professional who holds the bracelets that turn numbered in 6. The player is given the nickname as TJ. The player’s name is Thomas James Cloutier, which is curtailed and given the nickname as TJ. The player was born in 1939. The player resides at Texas. The player has several employment chances in his career to get rid of the financial hardship which his family suffered from. The player is such a professional player in playing football as well as baseball too, whereby he got scholarship for it, thus he did attend the university, which he left for the very same reason.
Especially a Tournament player:
Later he joined the army too, where an injury made him further stepping ahead, where he at last quit. He started employing himself in oil rigs, where he got a chance to play poker where he also understood that the game made him earn more than he really earned by employing. Thus he started playing poker full time. The player is familiar for playing mainly tournaments. The player also gains the fame as he is the one and only player to have won, in different types of Omaha. The player earned the bracelets in these following years 1987, 98, 2004, 2005 and also 2 bracelets in 1994. The player was nominated to poker hall of fame by the year 2006. The player also worked as the co-author to books numbered in 4.

Vanessa Selbst: Star player of online poker games

Vanessa Selbst was born on the 9th of July of the year 1984 in New York. She is a professional American poker player. Till now she has won three bracelets in World Series of Poker main event. She has considered as one of the most successful female poker players. She has finished at the final tables of the WSOP main events for a total of three times. She has cashed in for more than twenty times in WSOP events only. She secured 72nd position at the main event of 2012 WSOP tournaments. It was the best accomplishment she had in her entire career. She reached to the final tables at the World Poker Tour for two times. She has cashed in for three times in World Poker Tour events. In European Poker Tour she has cashed in for four times. Once she was ranked second by the Global Poker Index. It was the highest record of her poker career.

She is one of the top five ladies poker players of the America. By the year 2013, her total earnings from the poker games exceeded the ten million dollars mark. She is a member of the Poker Star team, an online poker website. She goes by the name of “V_Selbst” in all the online tournaments, especially those hosted by Poker Star. She won her first bracelet in the year 2010 along with a cash prize of $227,933. She won her second bracelet at WSOP main event of the year 2012 and earned a sum total of $244,259 in cash prizes. Her third bracelet came in the year 2014 along with a cash prize of $871,148. She has won 21 live poker tournaments.

She is a college graduate in the field of political science. In 2010, she won the North American Poker Tournament bagging more than $750,000 in that tournament. She is the first female poker player ever to win a High Roller event on Poker Star. She is considered as one of the best female poker players.

One of the most famous poker players: Taun Lam

Taun Lam was born in Vietnam on 1st of January, 1966. He was not very old when he became a professional poker player. At the age of 19, he shifted to Canada in search for better living. At present, he lives in Toronto. Before he became a famous poker player and gained much fame, he used to work for a metal company as a labourer. One of his friends taught him about the game, and it is not a surprise that his natural talent made him shine. In the year 2007, he finished at the final table at the main event of WSOP. It’s remarkable that such 48 years old player has earned a total of $4,851,454 in cash prizes. He secured the 46th position in the WSOP, and 2006 and earned a total of $7153. In the year 2005, he managed to grab $3,290 by securing 76th position in WSOP.
2007 was the best year for this poker player. Not only he secured 2nd position in WSOP main event but he won a total of $4,840,981 in cash prizes. Despite his age, he has a very fancy look. He is an ordinary poker player, and he doesn’t use any complicated theories like chess or mathematical theories to play poker. He has cashed three times in the ‘World Series of Poker’. He is one of the most famous poker players of the year 2007.
He is not a Native American poker player. Despite his non-poker background, he plays quite aggressively. He doesn’t have any complicated game plans, and he is not very eager to learn any new things to improve his game. But still, his natural talents have made him one of the most successful players in the poker history and he is the most successful poker player of Vietnam.