Ronaldo Wins At Poker

Poker games become more entertaining when there are famous stars involved in the game.

That was the instance when there was a game played between Cristiano Ronaldo and Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul. The game was for an amount of £15,000 that was donated finally to a children’s charity program. It was a celebratory event organized by PokerStars. In this tournament the star footballer was successful in beating the American actor. The prize was secured by the Real Madrid star and he donated the amount to Save the Children program.

It definitely attracted a lot of attention as many logged on to watch the tournament live or they visited the blogs where the game was showcased. Many were impressed by how Ronaldo showed off his aces off the soccer field as well.

Indeed, Ronaldo has been on a roll since the triumph he had at the Euro Cup for Portugal. His golden streak continues as he won this game as well, which was staged as a celebrity duel. It is part of a series that has been created by PokerStars. Aaron Paul has gained celebrity status since his role as a drug dealer in the drama series termed Breaking Bad where he was known as Jesse Pinkman. When the game initially began the atmosphere was tense. However, Ronaldo played well under pressure and he scored by having a pair of jacks which was part of his winning hand. He stated that moments of pressure and competition were moments that he has learnt to live for and enjoy. It is definitely a feel good factor to have won, but that was also because he had better cards than Aaron. However the atmosphere later became jovial as the game was for a charitable cause. With the commentators by their side, it was definitely a game worth enjoying.